Welcome to the Super-Encyclopedia WikiEdit

This is a wiki for superheroes and the media in which they appear, meant to be a comprehensive experience. This is a big project, but I feel it can be done with many people contributing.

The aims of the wikiEdit

Superheroes have been imbedded in the public conciousness since even before Superman debuted in Action Comics #1. This wiki aims to document them all: the good, the bad, the mediocre. It also aims to document their every incarnation, every superhero shown from every alternate reality, every medium and all of that.

As well, with media documentation, not only does this wiki aim to show them all, but the dates each one debuted. No article should mention just the cover date, but the date the product was available for consumption in full: the day the comic first hit the stands, when the movie first hit theaters or was first screened for the public, when the last page of the story arc/issue of the webcomic was posted, etc.

Posting guidelinesEdit

It is important to post correctly, so information is easily accessible and uniform. Pages should follow the basic templates of their like pages (to be posted for reference when it is available) and also posted to the correct categories (more on that later, as well).

Please note that the character must fit the guidelines of a superhero (or supervillain), however nebulous that definition may be. For the purposes of this wiki (and possibly an arbitrary contention), masked Western heroes (like Zorro or the Lone Ranger), sci-fi adventurers (like Flash Gordon or Buck Rogers), jungle heroes (like Tarzan or Sheena), secret agents (like James Bond or Jason Bourne), and aviation heroes (like Airboy) are not considered superheroes unless they are a part of a superhero universe. This can get tricky. If you want a good indication, or want to contribute and want to see what needs to be done, here is a page with some characters (not all) that need to be done.

Note that manga and anime characters may be considered superheroes, but it is hard to pin down. Son Goku from Dragon Ball definitely applies (iconic character with powers beyond normal men who fights evil--he's technically the Japanese Superman) while others don't. This is a difficult situation to moderate, but not impossible.

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